K Mart Coffee Grinders stocked up on our shelves

The Reason Behind The “Sold Out” Coffee Grinder from K Mart

The surprising explanation for why a certain item is “always sold out” at Kmart has apparently been uncovered by a sleuthy internet user.


After reading several customer evaluations of the Kmart coffee grinder, TikTok user @skon411 came up with a compelling point.


It’s tempting to attribute the “always sold out” status of this item to the idea that consumers have an insatiable appetite for freshly ground coffee beans.


The reviews suggest that people have been using it to grind items other than coffee.


“I use this for something other than what is recommended, works really well,” reads one review.


“Best herb grinder you can buy for that money,” reads another user review.


One user gives it five stars, saying, “Best grinder for ‘coffee,’ collects the dust really well.”


The discovery was immediately deemed “gold” by TikTok users who understood the real reason for some of these reviews.


“I think I’m the only one who uses the Kmart coffee grinder for actual coffee beans,” joked one.


“I don’t think I know anyone that uses this for coffee,” another said.


The product is not just for coffee, according to the reviews.


People on social media are now trying to decipher the hidden meanings.


Someone has hypothesized that the grinders are usually hidden behind a security desk because of some of the people who want this item.


Because “these get stolen,” the source added, “they have these locked behind the counter.”


After being posted on Wednesday, the notion went viral, receiving over 300,000 views in its first day.


Kmart has not yet issued a statement about the rumors.

1 thought on “The Reason Behind The “Sold Out” Coffee Grinder from K Mart”

  1. Peter Platypus

    These damn Kmart wizzers are always out of stock. Its like stoners in Aus are hawking these grinders and hording them like the corona virus days when toilet paper was non existent in woolies and coles.

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